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Spring Free People Walking:
Let yourself out to PLAY & join the FUN today!

Spring Free from Stress, Boredom, Couch-Potato-itis and Isolation. Add Laughter, Well-Being, and Furry Friends to Your Day! Walking fun inspired people of all kinds in the Sarasota, Florida area. 

LAUGHTER, exercise and a support system improve physical & mental wellbeing. We're more fun than a personal trainer or therapist, and unlike happy hour this is hangover free!


-Take you out for a walk for some easygoing exercise with or without dogs
- Great listeners & fun conversation
- Beach or nature walks
- Lunch, coffee, sightseeing and theatre
- Choose your own fun activity/adventure
- Enjoy an objective, lighthearted perspective on your challenges or great tips on adding more FUN to your life or work
- Non-dog and rainy day activities available  


People Walking

Meet us at one of our designated spots or we can come to you! We’ll walk and talk and share stories and laughter with or without dogs.

Humor Programs

Laughter and learning for the fun inspired & fun impaired!


Activities & Adventures

Sightseeing, lunch, shopping, theatre, beach or nature time or choose your own adventure!

Senior Companionship

Conversation and cookies... we’ll bring the cookies!

“Sometimes me think, ‘What is friend?’ Then me say, friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” -Cookie Monster


Enjoy the benefits of having a walking buddy and so much more!


-Dog Lovers
-Stay at Home Parents
-Busy Executives
Fun Insipired People of All Kinds!


Shannon Spring, M.Ed is Founder of Just Humor Me™️ where she leads entertaining corporate team building programs, HAHA (Humor and Healing Adventure) Retreats and fun inspired special events. She believes life and work should be fun and that we all need CONNECTION! Shannon is outgoing, compassionate, and funny, and never met a stranger, as she talks with everyone! She truly knows how to play with life, and knows that no matter how wonderful life is, it can be very challenging too. Despite being the life of the party, Shannon was lonely; having no family ties, working alone, and being single (secretly admits being married to her dogs!). She knew she was far from being alone in feeling alone, and so was inspired to create Spring Free People Walking! Now she and her dogs walk people… bringing them love, laughs, and improved physical and mental wellbeing.

“It’s so easy to be kind, and to be a good listener, and if you can add a lot of laughter to the mix too, well, that’s a true gift to give to others” says Shannon. Spring Free People Walking is a great gift to give to yourself or a loved one. We all need connection, as humans are meant to be interdependent no matter how independent we might be. Taking a good stroll around some beautiful scenery for fresh air and exercise is much more fun when joined by a human or dog walking buddy. Kermit the Dog and Mayor Puppypants inspire people to stay active and take time to smell the roses... and fire hydrants!

You could hire a personal trainer or a shrink to get your body or mind in shape; OR, you can go for walk with a Humorist and her dogs who are sure to add life, love, and laughter to your days in so many ways!  


Shannon Spring- People Walker


Walks range from 30-60 minutes and we can walk the whole time, or walk part time, then people or pigeon watch on a park bench, popping potato chips! Choose from various beautiful locations throughout Sarasota such as: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (no dogs, free admission with us), Historic Spanish Point (free admission with us), The Legacy Trail, and St. Armand’s Circle (all with or without dogs). We can also come to your neighborhood within 10 miles of these spots or provide transportation (extra cost for transport). People Walking packages are available for savings and make a great gift to oneself and others!

YES! Companionship services can include lunch and shopping, sight seeing, theatre, enjoying nature, picnic, cookies and conversation, or choose your own adventure! Email or call us with any special requests and we’ll see if we can find a way to make it happen! People Walking packages are available for savings and make a great gift to oneself and others!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” –The World Health Organization

Feeling socially connected, in an increasingly isolated world, is essential to health and happiness. The benefits of social connectedness include: improved cardiac and mental health, LAUGHTER, feeling of being understood and valued, a sense of purpose and belonging, and giving and receiving kindness. Loneliness shouldn’t be a stigma, it’s a genuine health concern that needs to be addressed… with Dr. Mc HumorMe, aka Shannon Spring! 

Services start at $49 and up, (which includes Shannon’s travel time) depending on the activity and time involved. People Walking packages are available for savings and make a great gift to oneself and others! You can bring a friend on any walk or activity for just $10 more. You can also bring your dog, and we’ll leave our dog team home.

People walking packages save you money by bundling your wellness and rewarding you for pre paying. Buy 5 walks and get the 6th one half off! You can schedule a regular people walking time upfront or keep it flexible and schedule at your convenience.

Gift certificates available too!  

 The Spring Free team is a comedy dream always bringing joy wherever they go. Shannon spotted the magic and comedy gold in these two goofy souls and rescued them.

Their comedic timing is impeccable! From singing on the news, bombing at Fido Idol contests, teaching kids kindness to animals, giving whip cream kisses at their pooch smooch booth, and hamming it up on LIVE TV, they steal the show every time!

Pets make great companions and rescuing one saves your own life too: reducing blood pressure & stress, improving cardiac health, & immune function & life enhancing factors like LOVE! Senior animals are always discounted at shelters and make great leisure walk, or fun movie watching buddies! We’ll even visit the shelter with you to help pick out your new best friend. Or visit Always adopt! 



Give the gift of healthy fun! 

“There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met.” ― Jim Henson 


"I’m so glad I hired Shannon to walk my dad. He has a new zest for life, having a new friend who’s always happy to see him!"

Amy Baldwin

"My time with Shannon and her dogs is always fun. We laugh a lot, get a nice walk and she’s a great listener."

Bonnie Carmichael

"At first I didn’t know what this people walking was about. Why would I need someone to walk me? And then my daughter convinced me it would be good for me and she was right. I didn’t realize how lonely I’d gotten with family being so far away. Shannon and her dogs are great company and I always have a much better day after I’ve spent time with them."

Connie Drakes

"I had been active my whole life and then with so many of my friends gone, I stopped my daily walks. I was always just watching tv and my outlook had gotten pretty negative. Now, I have Shannon and her dogs to talk with and the laughter they bring to me is a real joy. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a people walker, and I’m so glad my son found her."

David Eckstrom 

"I can’t have dogs where I live and that was a hard adjustment because I’d had dogs my whole life. Shannon and her dogs bring me so much joy and I have a true friend in them, they’re always there for me."

Ernie Fanelli